Girls Leadership launches new campaign #MyVoiceMyPower

When we first learned of Girls Leadership and their mission to empower young girls, we were immediately inspired to produce something creative and thought-provoking to help enforce their vision: a society where girls embrace the power of their voice to shape the world.


The Challenge

Girls Leadership is a national non-profit organization that help girls to find and use the power of their voice.

Their programs can be found across the US, but the problem was you probably haven’t heard of them.

And, if you have, you might think they sound like they’re helping the next generation of girls become leaders in the boardroom.

But that’s not what they do at all.

Girls Leadership equip young girls with the skills to exercise the power of their voice. So they can know, respect and express themselves. Helping them to navigate and shape their world.

Following on from their previous campaign, All Kinds Of Powerful, we aimed to raise some brand awareness.


The Solution



Armed with the knowledge that around the ages of 11-13, from being strong confident females, who are outspoken about their achievements and opinions, girls suddenly fall silent.

And combined with research that shows that, around this age, girls experience a huge decrease in body satisfaction, confidence and voice. 

We realized that, if girls aren’t encouraged to use their voice when they’re young, that’s a trend that can last a lifetime.

And we wondered what kind of lasting impact that could have on a woman’s life?

Featuring first-person interviews from 40 real women, between the ages of 13-83, who had never met before, we explored what voice meant to them and the effect it’s had on their lives.

The result was an empowering 2 minutes and 43 seconds campaign that united women on and off the screen in both their vulnerability and strength.

From moments where these courageous women struggled to find the words to express their pain to times when their words of courage emboldened others, their powerful stories speak for themselves.

And encourage women to share their own stories with the hashtag #MyVoiceMyPower.



Creative Director: Hannah Berry George

Director: Justin Ross 

DoP: Andrea Gavazzi

Editor: Ryan Bird 

Editor: Chris Davies

Colorist: Alex Gregory 

Finished by: The Mill / The Mill London

Composer: Tom Haniff