Casting for New Yorker short video

Brave Makers is producing a short video based on a hilarious and poignant article that was featured in the New Yorker last year and gained widespread attention. View the article here.

It features a monologue from a man who appears to be a stereotypical, overprotective patriarchal figure, but is revealed to be a progressive, boundary-respecting father of a teen daughter. 

SHOOT DATES: October 20th, 2019. Locations within Montclair, NJ area.

SUBMISSIONS: All applicants must submit 2 current photos (1-full shot and 1-medium shot)

Email photos to:

Include: Full name, parent or legal guardian name (if under 18), phone number, age, height, hair and eye color. If under 18, parent must fill out audition release form.

*You must also be able to participate in a scheduled video casting interview. 

SUBMISSION DEADLINE: October 12th, 2019




Role: various teenage boys

Description: Seeking 6-8 high school-aged boys to appear lined up in front of lockers at a high school, playing a dodgeball game in gym class, and mingling at a high school party. Should represent varieties of personalities you’d meet in high school (jock, nerd, goth, punk, theater kid, etc.)

Specs: 16-years-old (casting range 13-20), male, any ethnicities

Note: For anyone under the age of 18, must have parent/guardian present to sign off on talent release.


Role: young girl between the ages of 4 and 9-years-old

Description: Seeking a young girl to appear in a princess outfit, twirling in front of mirror.

Specs: 6-years-old (casting range 4-9), female, caucasian with brown or black hair color.

Note: Must have parent/guardian present on-set to sign off on talent release.